French knitting !

Yep i’m a closet French knitter. This is a fun thing to do while watching the Tv. It,s so easy you can

do it blind folded. A friend of mine gave me a french knitting kit and i decided to make a large rug for the

lounge room. Its now been about a year and it is slowly coming along. I think i have a few more years to go until that rug is finnished.

A day at T A F E

Last wednesday at collage we received a great brief.

We were to create an illustration under the theme of sea castle.

The catch was we had to use blue tak to create the original drawing.

So we went ahead and created our art work using blue tak, then a photo copier,

then a scanner and then manipulated the image with photoshop. Below is the final image i came up with.

I had a great day and enjoyed the brief so much.


Longboard Girls Crew (Guest Blog)

If you want to see some really awesome longboarding footage, check out

These chicks can carve!
they are an international female longboarding community.

Definitely worth keeping an eye out for them.
Take a look at this video:

Amazing work, keep it up girls!

Or alternatively if you are into double kick skating, have a look at:

a photobook project by Julian Bleecker, there are some really awesome images & its some great promotion for girl skaters everywhere.

Allysha Bergado Stalefish Lake Cunningham Skate Park

guest post by Sam at-

Japanese food.

My favourite food has to be Japanese. The reason for this is i love seafood and all the other great ingrediants they use in their cooking. Its to me the stock and mirin and saki that give it a taste like no other.

Okonomiyaki mmmmmm A Japanese pancake with squid and vegies topped with bonito flakes, hp sause and mayo.

Japanese  beef rolls. Wrapped around asparagus and enoki mushrooms.

The great ocean rd.

This year in february my wife and i took a trip down to Victoria to check out the great ocean rd. There was some cold nights even in summer. But the days were 30+ celc and the scenery was fricken amazing. Below are a few Photo’s taken along the way.








My cheep camera does not do this place justice. I recommend a visit to the great ocean rd to anyone visiting victoria Australia. Around every corner is just postcard perfect.







Swedish design

I went to Stockholm about 5 years ago. I love that city. While there i visited a museum and on display was lots of old laminated beechwood chairs. There simple effective design is amazing.

van demon

Anyone a fan of old american vans. They got some cool styling . Wouldn’t mind heading up the coast in one of these gems.







This one is from Australia the bedford.

Japanese rice fields

I just got this amazing picture of rice art from japan. These are real rice fields planted with different colour rice plants to make up the famous wave art.


To good to harvest. 

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vintage surfboards

I would love a collection of vintage surfboards, maybe one from each era. 60’s 70’s 80’s.

The 60’s would have to be an old log 10ft+ and little rocker. The 70’s would be a single fin

swallow tail and also a twin fin. Then the eighties dream for me would be a Simon Anderson thruster.

Here’s some dream boards for me one day.

!960’s Hobie

1970’s single

1980’s Simom Anderson

1960’s Australian muscle cars

I love the sleek lines of 1960’s aussie muscle cars they were hugely American influenced  with their big Coca cola bottle hips and beafy rear ends. Here’s a couple images of my favorites.

HK monaro


VF pacer

MMMMMMMM do you have a favorite one. The hk monaro has always been mine.